Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

Doctor working on wrist therapy If you’ve experienced chronic pain for a considerable amount of time or have recently suffered an injury, it might be a good idea to consider physical therapy at Anderson Wellness Care. This non-invasive treatment option works with the body to heal damaged tissue while building up overall stamina to help prevent further injury. Here’s what you need to know about physical rehabilitation therapy for functional medicine.

What is Physical Rehabilitation Therapy for Functional Medicine?

The primary approach of functional medicine is to treat the root cause of a particular ailment to create better overall wellness. Physical rehabilitation works in the same manner by using non-invasive and non-medicated practices to heal the body. The combination of the two can lead to patients living happier and healthier lives with decreased pain, increased range of motion, and better physical stamina.

What Are the Benefits of Physical Rehabilitation?

Using physical rehabilitation as part of a functional medicine path is very important and there are numerous benefits. First, the process does not require risky narcotics or medications of any kind for you to see improvement. This alone is the main reason why most people choose this as their wellness path after an accident or injury. Second, going through physical rehab allows you to heal while building up your physical strength and capability, which can help keep you from reinjuring yourself in the future. In the end, this can prevent surgery or other more invasive methods of treatment from being needed.

What to Expect During a Physical Rehabilitation Appointment

It’s common for first-time patients to want to know what to expect during a physical rehabilitation appointment. In most cases, you’ll be asked about where you’re experiencing pain and how long it’s been going on for. You will also likely need to explain the details of what happened to cause the injury, as certain injuries associated with a car accident or whiplash might have a different treatment approach than if you simply injured your knee while playing tennis. From there, the  Dr. Nathan Anderson may or may not take x-rays before coming up with a treatment plan. During subsequent physical rehab appointments, you’ll be taken through a series of stretches and exercises designed to build up stamina and decrease inflammation.

Ready to regain control over your life, eliminate the pain?

If you're ready to regain control over your life, eliminate the pain, and look forward to an active, satisfying future, why not look into the benefits of physical rehabilitation therapy with Dr. Anderson.

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